Probability and Statistics K-6

Craig Loewen,
Faculty of Education,
Lethbridge University

   In January 1998 I was asked to give a workshop at a local school on the Probability and Statistics strand in the Western Canadian Protocol at the kindergarten to grade 6 levels. To do so I created the following pages, one for each objective for each grade level (there are seventeen). On each page is the objective, followed by a problem, a manipulative-type activity, and a game. Some activities require special cards, spinners etc. which were appended.
Objective 1Predict the chance of an event happening, using the terms never, sometimes, always.
Objective 2Describe the likelihood of an outcome, using such terms as likely, unlikely, expect, probability.
Objective 3Make a prediction based on a simple probability experiment.
Objective 4Describe the likelihood of an outcome, using such terms as likely, less likely, chance.
Objective 5Conduct a probability experiment, choose an appropriate recording method, and draw conclusions from the results.
Objective 6Identify an outcome as possible, impossible, certain, uncertain.F
Objective 7Compare outcomes as equally likely, more likely, less likely.
Objective 8Design and conduct experiments to answer one's own questions.
Objective 9List all possible outcomes of an experiment involving a single event.
Objective 10Describe events, using the vocabulary of probability: best, worst; probable, improbable; always, more likely, less likely, equally likely, never.
Objective 11Conduct probability experiments, and explain the results, using the vocabulary of probability.
Objective 12Conduct probability experiments to demonstrate that results are not influenced by such factors as the age, experiences or skills of the participant.
Objective 13Distinguish between experimental and theoretical probability for single events.
Objective 14Make the connection between the number of faces for various dice, and the probability of a single event.
Objective 15Calculate theoretical probability, using numbers between 0 and 1.
Objective 16Demonstrate that different outcomes may occur when repeating the same experiment.
Objective 17Compare experimental results with theoretical results.
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The special cards, spinners etc. are stored in Portable Document Format (pdf) as this format is especially useful for documents that are to be printed. To read pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat read about pdf.
Blank Die Cutouts Die Cutouts 1 Die Cutouts 2
Event Cards 1 Event Cards 2 Event Cards 3
Blank Spinners Die Spinner Maps Prob Word Spinner
Face Cards 1 Face Cards 2 Triangle Cutouts


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