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Secondaire -Les équations et la résolution de problèmes
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La Résolution des Problèmes et les Réseaux
Dans l'exemple ci-dessous, nous partons d'une situation familière è l'élève pour arriver au modèle mathématique. Un des avantages de cette activité est qu'il n'y a pas de solution unique. Trouver diverses
A Northern Light Circle Problem
In this note Gregory describes a problem involving Dasher and Dancer moving around a Northern Light Circle.
A Rise over Run, and a 10 versus 1
A diamond slope, or the slope of the angle bisector, is considered in this note as a generalization of two well-known slope relationships. This general approach is compared then with well-known approaches using various examples.
Aboriginal resources in mathematics education
Karen designed this website to assist teachers and pre-service teachers in the area of mathematics from Kindergarten to Grade 12 . Here you will find a multitude of teacher resources to assist you in incorporating Aboriginal content in your mathematics program.
Against all Odds (HTML ou PDF)
This unit was developed for the beginning secondary level and gives students a chance to both learn valuable mathmatics skills and to become aware of the impact gambling has on our society. The unit provides objectives, evalution ideas and suggested activities for students. Also listed are resource materials that can be used with this unit.
Allison's Star Balls
This resource contains instructions on building a uniform polyhedra "star ball" from modules of folded paper. Animation is used to illustrate the folding of the paper. Students are then challenged to construct other uniform polyhedra from the same modules and to discover how they can be "coloured" by using coloured paper. The construction should be possible for beginning middle year students and some of the questions challenging to students at the upper secondary level.
Angles and Polygons: Mathematics 10 (HTML ou PDF)
Some main concepts discussed in this Stewart Resource unit are properties of polygons, Pythagorean Theorem and Trionometric Ratios. There are five main sections each with corresponding activities. Activites include sections on Objectives, Background Knowledge, Time frame,Iinstructional Methods, Aadaptive Dimension and Assessment.
Arc Midpoint Algorithm
Gregory and Oleksandr have built on the arc midpoint resource and the proof of the arc midpoint formula by constructing an algorithm for finding the coordinates of the midpoint. It is hoped that teachers of high school Mathematics and Computer Science will use these resources to enrich the teaching and learning in both subject areas.
Consumer Wise (HTML ou PDF)
This secondary unit helps teach students the importance of being "consumer wise" now and after graduation. Income, Budgeting and Credit, Saving and Loans are a few of the topics discussed in the activities. Worksheets for the activities are included in this unit as well as objectives, evaluation and resources ideas.
Deriving the Slopes of the Angle Bisectors
In this note Gregory uses a trig identity to develop an expression for the slopes of the angle bisectors of two lines in terms of the slopes of the lines that form the angle.
Diamond Slopes and Speedy Whales via… One Identity
A trigonometric identity is used to develop a formula for the slope of a rhombus diagonal. This expression is then used to find the velocity of a whale.
Direct and Partial Variations (HTML ou PDF)
A unit on direct and partial variation that can be taught after the introduction of linear functions.
Donuts and Do Loops
In this note Penny shows a connection between the number of ways you can buy a dozen donuts from an unlimited supply of 5 types of donuts, and the number of operations a computer performs as it goes through a do loop.
Get Into Line (HTML ou PDF)
This Stewart Resource unit covers many topics some of which are basics of graphing, linear equations, characteristics of a line, arithmetic sequences and series and more. Seven sub-units with lessons are presented with objectives, evaluation ideas and procedures for each.
Hands-On Geometry (HTML ou PDF)
This Stewart Resource unit describes the use of manipulatives in to study lines, line segments, angles and polygons.



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