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Friezing at Washington State University
This article is part of the Mathematics Notes series at Washington State University. In the article, Judi and Harley start by determining the functions that map the plane back onto itself, while at the same time, mapping a specified line back onto itself and preserving the size and shape of any objects represented in the plane. These are the functions that preserve frieze patterns. The authors then look at the algebraic structure of this collection of functions under the operation of composition, show that there are only seven frieze groups, and illustrate how they are generated. Each frieze group is represented algebraically and geometrically. The article concludes with a tour of the Washington State University campus, looking at the ways in which frieze groups are exhibited and used in our immediate surroundings.
Garden Shed Project
Larry designed this kit as a project in a mathematics methods class. In it he describes ten activities that result in the construction of a garden shed. The project is geared to students in grades 8 and 9. In constructing the shed students are required to perform geometric measurements, calculate/estimate materials and costs, understand scale in the reading of blueprints and perform many problem solving activities.
IntelliGum: A Success Story (HTML ou PDF)
These interesting activity sheets were created to introduce polynomial operations to grade 8 students in Quebec. To do this Don "invented" a product called "IntelliGum" which comes in several different size containers. Students use polynomial operations to make, process and consolidate orders. These activities are particularly useful for addition and subtraction of polynomials and multiplication by constants.
Math on the Farm
This article discusses some of the many ways in which math is used in agriculture. It considers specific agriculture processes, as well as a variety of math concepts.
Middle Level Mathematics: Encouraging an Algebraic Mindset.
This one of the articles in the seventh edition of Ideas and Resources for Teachers of Mathematics, a newsletter published by the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society. The focuses of this issue is patterning and algebra. In this article Ed explores the questions
  • Is it possible to introduce algebraic concepts to the middle level student without invoking uneasiness and fear? and
  • How are we able to develop an algebraic mind set which will lead to successful algebraic abstraction at the secondary level?
Included are samples of students' solutions to problems which are based on the discovery and analysis of patterns.
Performance Stations in Math (HTML ou PDF)
Liliane Gauthier has written a collection of performance stations for mathematics, grades 6, 7, 8 and 9. Many of the stations have been designed as assessment tools for the Saskatchewan curriculum but teachers may choose to use them as introductory activities, practice activities or centre activities. This document contain a description of performance stations and how they might be used for performance assessment. To go directly to the performance stations select a grade level from grade 6 , grade 7, grade 8 and grade 9.
Taking Stock in Your Future - Intermediate Guide
This guide can be used by teachers in grades 7-9 to develop problem-solving and communicating skills through personal money management activities such budgeting and calculating, interest and compound growth and investing.

The Investor Education Fund is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Ontario Securities Commission. Its mandate is to promote financial literacy. One of the programs it sponsor is a cross-curricular teacher program. This teacher program includes free classroom-ready resources to develop students numeracy and financial literacy skills. Free paper copies can also be ordered.



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