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L'enseignement des étapes de la résolution de problèmes: des exemples
On décrit, au moyen d'exemples tirés du programme d'études, les étapes de la résolution de problèmes.
La Résolution des Problèmes et les Réseaux
Dans l'exemple ci-dessous, nous partons d'une situation familière è l'élève pour arriver au modèle mathématique. Un des avantages de cette activité est qu'il n'y a pas de solution unique. Trouver diverses
A grade 4 enrichment activity
In this resource John explains how he used the “grains of wheat on a checkerboard” activity in a grade 4 classroom.
Aboriginal Perspectives
Aboriginal Perspectives is a companion web site to Math Central. It is part of Mathematics with a Human Face. The purpose is to create and make available lesson ideas for teachers, constructed around video clips with an Aboriginal focus. The site is under construction and in its infancy but the intent is that the number of video clips will increase and the lessons will span all areas of the curriculum.

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Aboriginal resources in mathematics education
Karen designed this website to assist teachers and pre-service teachers in the area of mathematics from Kindergarten to Grade 12 . Here you will find a multitude of teacher resources to assist you in incorporating Aboriginal content in your mathematics program.
Can I Build Another One
This is an article in the sixth edition of Ideas and Resources for Teachers of Mathematics, a newsletter published by the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society. The topic of the fifth edition of the newsletter is geometry. In this article Jill describes a geometric activity which she undertook on an interactive math night with her grade three students and their parents, and the enthusiasm shown by the students that night and the next day.
Elementary Level Problems - 1999
A collection of problems created by students in an Mathematics Education course in the Winter of 1999. These problems are aimed at the elementary years mathematics content.
Games from the Aboriginal People of North America
This is a collection of Aboriginal games that teachers can use to integrate culture into Mathematics lessons. The mathematical content includes patterns and relations, probability, data management, numbers and operations, problem solving, critical thinking, and geometry. Students will have fun with the games while they apply their mathematical knowledge.
Hands On Math Activities for Grades 4-6
This is a kit of 30 hands on activities for students in grades 4-6. There are activities in data management and analysis, geometry, measurement, numbers and operations, problem solving and assessment and evaluation. All of the activities contain teacher notes and task cards.
How can problem solving competence be nurtured? (HTML ou PDF)
Some suggestions of techniques that can be used to integrate problem solving into an elementary classroom.
Introduction to Geometry
This is the lead article in the sixth edition of Ideas and Resources for Teachers of Mathematics, a newsletter published by the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society. The topic of the sixth edition of the newsletter is geometry and in this article Vi discusses geometry and problem solving.
Jabberwocky: A Lake and Island Board Project (HTML ou PDF)
A mathematical role play using Lake and Island Boards where students plan to move from Jabberwocky to their new planet "New Jabberwocky". Activities included discussions and analysis about climate, population, distance, area and perimeter.
Manipulatives for the Upper Elementary (Gr. 4-6)
This resource is a collection of manipulative activities for the upper elementary grades (Gr. 4-6). They consist of one activity for each of the three grades and for each of 7 different manipulatives; Geometric Solids, Base Ten Blocks, Geoboards, Colour Tiles, Tangrams and Blocks & Cubes.
Math on the Farm
This article discusses some of the many ways in which math is used in agriculture. It considers specific agriculture processes, as well as a variety of math concepts.
Money Talks: Canadian Money
Money Talks is one of the resources from the Stewart Resource Center. It contains two to three weeks of lessons on money at the grades three and four levels . Included are lessons, suggestions for on-going activities, support materials and resources.



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