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Mathematics education can be an exciting and rich experience for all students. In order for this to happen, teaching a culturally relevant mathematics program will ensure pride, motivation and success in Aboriginal children.

In order to promote a positive self-identity where children can celebrate, validate and preserve his or her culture, teachers must consider:

culture - heritage, learning style, environment

core values - co-operation, sharing, traditional learning styles

language - translation of terminology and concepts

prior knowledge - thinking patterns, problem solving, learning styles

abilities and intellect - visualization skills, abstract thinking

practical applications - relevance to personal lives

promote the positives - as opposed to negative images prevalent in today's society


Aboriginal Education

Multicultural Resources

Indigenous Knowledge: Annotated Bibliography & Links

Children's Literature

Lesson Plans

In addition, check out the Indigenous Games

booklet on Math Central. I would like to thank my colleagues

Dr. Mhairi(Vi) Maeers, Dr. Harley Weston

Dr. Judy McDonald, and Christine Treptau

for the opportunities created through this project.


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This website was designed to assist teachers and pre-service teachers in the area of mathematics from Kindergarten to Grade 12 according to Saskatchewan Education's Curriculum Guide. Here you will find a multitude of teacher resources to assist you in incorporating Aboriginal content in your mathematics program. **(Keep in mind this is a work in progress!)**

I would like to thank Dr.Mhairi (Vi)Maeers, Donna Scarfe, and Peter Rowley for sharing their knowledge to help produce this site.

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