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The Map of the Land & Symbolic Extent
Another challenge problem from Gregory, this time concerning the map of Saskatchewan.
The Triangle Problem
This resource is a description of an unsolved problem in geometry dealing with reflected triangles. The problem led one of the authors, Nathalie, to devise an algorithm and resulting graphic in an attempt to study the problem. This graphic was used as the background image on the Mathematicians at Work poster which is part of the Mathematics with a Human Face project.
Towards a Better Understanding of Pi Using the Idea of Limits.
Ed describes here an activity that students can undertake to approximate pi. It is adapted from the process used by Archimedes in about 240 BC. Students who work through this activity will improve their understanding of pi.
What are real world applications of trigonometry?
Students often ask where they will ever use trigonometry or why they need to study it. This note contains a use of trigonomerty in two areas where its use might be unexpected. One situation involves an artisan who needs the dimensions for a metal sculpture he is constructing and the second a homeowner who is disputing her property assessment.
Why are satellite dishes parabolic? (HTML ou PDF)
A development of the mathematics which shows that a parabolic shaped satellite dish will focus the signal from a satellite to the focus of the parabola.
Why is a circle divided into 360 degrees?
Kurtis Kredo sent this question to Quandaries and Queries and we thought the answer Chris gave deserved to be in the Resource Room.



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