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The following websites have been recommended by some of our membership. Check them out, and if you have your own suggestions, please submit them for upcoming issues (

Having Fun With Math - An Internet Hotlist on Mathematics: This site has been set up for those math teachers looking for some creative alternatives to the regular math 'routine'. By using these links we believe you will find some creative ideas that can really make math come alive.

Math is Power: This interactive site uses Shockwave 8 in a variety of math puzzles, questions, and problems for elementary students. It also includes some information areas for parents and teachers, and questions can be posted. Note: This site is from the US, so American money, and maps of the United States are used in parts of the website.

Native American Geometry: This site features a design site with information on symbolic secrets, the family square and landscaping. The education portion of the site has information on proportional relations and protractor angles. It could be used as a site for bulletin board color designs.

Tessellations: This site provides detailed instructions on the construction of tessellations from various polygons. It could be used for project material in the Geometry section of Math 10.
(or at "Geometry Junkyard" )

Java Gallery of Interactive Geometry: This site is a collection of interactive games and displays. The Java Kali program allows the students to create beautiful wallpaper easily. It makes a good project for the Math 11 Geometry unit.
Java Kali:



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