Money Talks
Canadian Money

by Wilna Ferre and Cora Gaillard

"Young people need
to learn how to make
a little money first
to make a little money last."

Money Matters for Kids
Box Cars and One - Eyed Jacks

Subject: Math - Grades 3 and 4
Strand: Measurement (Money)
Topics: Canadian Money, Mental Math and Problem Solving
Time Frame: 2-3 weeks


Through newspapers, games and journal writing activities, children will come to realize the importance of money and the role it plays in our daily lives.

Learning Objectives

The students should be able to:

-solve a variety of problems relating to money
-identify coins/bills up to

a) ten dollars
b) one hundred dollars

-understand the relationships between quarters and dollars
-count with

a) pennies, nickels, dimes
b) quarters, dollars
c) two dollars, five dollars, ten dollars

-use strategies to make change for given values to

a) five dollars
b) ten dollars

-add and subtract amount of money using correct symbols

a) dollars and cents

-multiply amounts of money (single digit multiplier)

Source: Saskatchewan Education. Mathematics: A Curriculum Guide for the Elementary Level, 1992, p. 362 and 474.

Common Essential Learnings (CEL's)

The Common Essential Learning most easily applied throughout this unit is Numeracy (N). There are opportunities to integrate Communication Skills (COM), Creative and Critical Thinking (CCT), Personal and Social Skills and Values (PSVS) and Independent Learning (IL).