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Stiffarm, L.A. (1998). As We See ... Aboriginal Pedagogy. Saskatoon: University Extension Press. This book explores Aboriginal knowledge and ways of knowing through interviews with people and topics such as:
  • Lenore A. Stiffarm - Spirit Writing: Writing Circles as Healing Pedagogy

  • Willie Ermine - Pedagogy from the Ethos: An Interview with Elder Ermine on Language

  • Bente Huntley - Plants and Medicines: An Aboriginal Way of Teaching

  • Ida Swan - Modelling: An Aboriginal Approach

  • Angelina Weenie - Aboriginal Pedagogy: The Sacred Circle Concept

  • Jane Harp - Traditional Parenting

  • Wally Isbister - A Piece of the Pie: The Inclusion of Aboriginal Pedagogy into the Structures of Public Education

  • Lillian Dyck - An Analysis of Western, Feminist and Aboriginal Science Using the Medicine Wheel of the Plains Indians

  • MaryAnne Lanigan - Aboriginal Pedagogy: Storytelling


Miller-Cleary, L., Peacock, T.D. (1998). Collected Wisdom, American Indian Education. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. This book offers a realistic look at best practices of sixty teachers who were interviewed over a three year long study. The 'teachers as learners' experienced first hand several strategies to motivate children, the effects of language loss and maintenance, and the issue of oppression. The authors also discuss Aboriginal students living in two worlds and cultural differences through stories and anecdotes.

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