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A taxi ride 2010-09-22
Jack pose la question :
A taxi ride costs you $2 for the first km and 10 cents for each tenth of a km thereafter. Sketch a graph of the total cost $C(x) for a ride of xkm, for 0 < x < 2. Hint: The graph is not smooth.

How will I start this question off? I tried the table of values method, and then graphed it, but it comes out as smooth,

Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
A taxi charges .20 every 1/9th of a mile 2009-03-03
ronald pose la question :
i need to know if a taxi charges .20 every 1/9th of a mile and i have to go 6.55miles how much would that be?
Robert Dawson lui répond.
Taxis in Chicago 2000-03-27
A high school student high school student pose la question :
Suppose that taxis pick up and deliver passengers in Chicago, which is divided into three zones. Records kept by the drivers show that of the passengers picked up in Zone 1, 50% are taken to a destination in Zone 1, 40% to Zone 2, and 10% to Zone 3. OF the passengers picked up in Zone 2, 40% go to Zone 1, 30% to Zone 2, and 30% to Zone 3. Of the passengers picked up in Zone 3, 20% go to Zone 1, 60% to Zone 2 and 20% to Zone 3. Suppose that at the beginning of the day, 600 of the taxis are in Zone 1, 100 in Zone 2, and 300 in Zone 3. What is the distribution of taxis in the various zones after all have had two riders?
Harley Weston lui répond.
Taxicab geometry 2000-01-16
Jack pose la question :
Im doing an investigation entitled 'taxicab geometry', ive attempted it and have done most of the practical part of it. But i cant seem to see the equation behind it all. please guide me in the right direction.

They provide a regular grid with regular horizontal and vertical lines. The lines are roads and the actual squares are blocks of hoouses/ buildings.

In taxicab geometry the distance between place A & B is worked out by adding together the horizontal and vertical distances. each square is counted as i unit.

Part 1 (I've done this)

A taxix cab firm is based at A. the posistion B is 7 units away from A. investigate all the posistions of B at 7 units. investigate for different distances.


Penny Nom lui répond.



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