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A camera's line of sight 2011-02-26
MJ pose la question :
A rocket that is rising vertically is being tracked by a ground level camera located 3 mi from the point of blast off when the rocket is 2 mi high its speed is 400mph At what rate is the (acute) angle between the horizontal and the camera's line of sight changing
Penny Nom lui répond.
When will the rocket hit the ground? 2007-04-05
Megan pose la question :
A model rocket is launched at an upward velocity of 460feet per second off a platform that is 40 feet up from the ground. Use the formula h(t)= -16+vo+ho where vo is the initial velocity an ho is the initial height. A.) Find the maximum hight of the rocket. B.) How long does it take to reach the maximum height? C.) When will the rocket hit the ground?
Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
A two stage rocket 2002-11-26
Hoda pose la question :
a two stage rocket accelerates in free space by ejecting fuel at a constant relative speed , v(ex). the full fuel load makes up 80% of the initial mass of the entire two stage rocket . the rocket accelerates from rest until at the end of the first stage when 75% of its fuel has been burnt. find an expression for the speed of the rocket at the end of the first stage in terms of v(ex).
Claude Tardif lui répond.



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