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Quebec taxes 2013-02-06
Cheryl pose la question :
can you please tell me the equation to calculate the Quebec taxes (5% & 9.975%) individually from the total?
thank you

Penny Nom lui répond.
Sales taxes in Quebec 2010-04-28
carole pose la question :
I work at a company where we use transport companies and we often get credits on their invoices. I need to know how to subtract the sales taxes from these credit amounts. (5% TPS and 7.5% TVQ). Is the equation: Amount / 1.05 = then this amount / by 1.075=?
Penny Nom lui répond.
New Quebec reform 2001-05-24
Marie-Andrée pose la question :
I am a middle school teacher beginning to adapt to the new Quebec reform. I am regularely doing projects in écologie and géographie in French immersion based on the international schools way of thinking (What form does it have? How does it work? What is its history? How does it change? How is it linking to our lives? What is our responsibility about that fact or that thing?) and I have real difficulty to make it work for math. So now, I am looking for math concepts (8) which would link to the same way of thinking. What are your suggestions?
Claude Tardif lui répond.



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