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Six-digit telephone numbers 2020-03-12
Lulamile pose la question :
What is the probability that a six-digit telephone number has no repeated digits? The telephone number cannot begin with a zero
Penny Nom lui répond.
Missing digits in a phone number 2015-01-07
Janelle pose la question :
I had a friend try and play a game on me, regarding phone numbers, so I only know the area code , and the last four digits of the phone number. Which means, there are 3 digits that I need to figure out all the possibilities to.
Penny Nom lui répond.
Four digit phone numbers 2014-02-25
Tom pose la question :
Hi, I'm an online math teacher, working on lessons for my students.

This question is in their book and I can't do it...! Help!

It has to do with phone numbers, and in this problem, we are only dealing with the last 4 digits of the number.

It asks how many possible numbers we have if at least one digit repeats in the last 4 digits of the number.

Penny Nom lui répond.
7 digit phone numbers 2013-12-08
Sean pose la question :
Hi I was wondering how you would calculate how may 7 digit phone numbers there are with only odd digits?
Penny Nom lui répond.
Missing three digits in a phone number 2009-01-30
Elmer pose la question :
I have part of a phone number. the first 3 digits are 212, the last digit is four, and the three missing digits are all odd, how many numbers will I have to call to get the right number?

212- _ _ _ 4?

Stephen La Rocque and Penny Nom lui répond.
Some phone numbers 2008-06-30
star pose la question :
What do you think the probability of finding the last 3 digits of a telephone number if the 1st digit begins with 7?
Janice Cotcher and Harley Weston lui répond.
Phone number combinations 2007-01-04
Efrain pose la question :
i want to know the different combinations for numbers 7 digits the number are 0-9 its basically the different phone number combinations
example: 555-6689 or 565-4896 i just want to know for many different combinations are there....

Penny Nom lui répond.
Phone Number Possibilities 2000-01-09
Hamilton Weston pose la question :
How do phone companies arrive at the possible number of phone numbers that can be generated for customers?
Harley Weston lui répond.



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