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Percentiles 2012-10-17
Kenneth pose la question :
Question from Kenneth:


What is a common calculation used to determine percentiles?

For example, five employees have the following salaries:

Office worker 1 - $25,000

Office worker 2 - $27,000

Office worker 3 - $30,000

Office worker 4 - $32,000

Office worker 5 - $35,000

What is the percentile rank of office worker 3 who earns $30,000?

Here's what I know: Add the number of salaries. Total: 5

Add the smallest number of salaries less than $30,000. There are two.

Now, divide 2 by 5 and multiply by 100. 2/5 * 100 = 40

I think the office worker making $30,000 is in the 40th percentile. and I'm not sure what this ranking indicates.

I thank you for any helpful reply and or different calculation.

Harley Weston lui répond.
Why use percentiles? 2011-04-29
Kenneth pose la question :
I need some clarification regarding the word "percentile."

Here is an example and what I know: If an investor had twenty stocks in his portfolio and five of those stocks paid an annual dividend of $200.00 or more, the five stocks are in the 25 percentile.

Why is this word necessary? If my example and explanation is correct, why not simply indicate that 25% of his stocks paid an annual dividend of $200.00 or more?

Penny Nom lui répond.
Percentiles 2009-03-21
Shawn pose la question :
For a normal distribution of u=654.00 and o=138.00.
What is the percentile rank for X=426?

Harley Weston lui répond.
Percentiles 2004-08-15
Gary pose la question :
Table 1 Selected percentiles for family income in the US in 1992 1 $1,300 10 $10,200 25 $20,100 50 $36,800 75 $58,100 90 $85,000 99 $151,800

Q. The percentage of families in Table 1 with incomes below $58,100 was about?

Penny Nom lui répond.



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