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Plans for dog kennels 2017-01-04
Pat pose la question :
So... I'm trying to draw up a plan for my new kennel buildings. They are going to built out of grain bins. I know, cool,... right. Anyway the kennels will be along the outside of the circle and be shaped like wedges. the center will be a play area. All of the kennel sides are 6 ft in length so the size of the gate will determine how many kennels I can fit in each bin. If I want to put an odd number of kennels in and I cant draw a straight line across to make all of the wedges the same size... how do I figure out the angles...degrees ? maybe i'm making it too hard but i'd like to give the dogs as much space as i can. I did up some ... attached.
Harley Weston lui répond.
A kennel for a beagle 2013-06-03
david pose la question :
Hi, I'm building some beagle kennels and I am in need of help with an angle problem. I need to place a roof on my kennel with a drop of 2inches across 3ft 10inches. the posts on the right side will be 5ft and the post on the left will be 4ft 10in. the posts are 4x4 and the space to be covered is 3ft 10in from the outside of the 4x4. Please help, thanks.
Penny Nom lui répond.
A kennel with 3 individual pens 2009-01-06
Jean pose la question :
An animal clinic wants to construct a kennel with 3 individual pens, each with a gate 4 feet wide and an area of 90 square feet. The fencing does not include the gates. Write a function to express the fencing as a function of x. Find the dimensions for each pen, to the nearest tenth of a foot that would produce the required area of 90 square feet but would use the least fencing. What is the minimum fencing to the nearest tenth?
Harley Weston lui répond.



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