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Ridingcap's daughter 2006-10-23
Marcus pose la question :
Ridingcap's daughter,whose real name was Coleen, set out for grandma's house again. This time she was delivering jam and jellies. First she stopped to see Mrs. Parsley,who took in grandma's mail while grandma was @ the hospital recovering from the wolf. Colleen gave Mrs. Parsley one third of the jars in her basket. Then Colleen set out again,and suddenly the wolf jumped out behind the bush and grubbed one half of the jars in Colleen's basket. When the wolf ran off, Colleen went on and gave Mr .Woodsman two thirds of what was left in her basket. Colleen had six jars of jam and jellies left for grandma. HOW MANY JARS DID COLLEEN LEAVE HOME WITH
Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
Water jars 2001-08-27
Pe3te pose la question :
Stacie and Kacie each have a jar. Stacies jar holds 5 quarts of water and Kacies jar holds 3 quarts. The girls dad ask them to go get him some water from the pump and to get him 1 gallon of water (NO MORE NO LESS) The jars were not marked in any way. In ten minutes the girls where back with 1 gallon. How did they get exactly 1 gallon ?

1) there are two ways to do it I only no one. 1st answer is.....

Penny Nom lui répond.



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