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Will the ball clear the tree? 2010-11-14
MK pose la question :
Sam hits a golf ball with a five-iron a distance of 120m horizontally. A tree 45m high and 35m in front of Sam is directly in the path of the ball. Will the ball clear the tree if the ball makes a parabolic curve and has a maximum height or 80m?
Brennan Yaremko lui répond.
Twelve golf balls 2005-12-28
Todd pose la question :
You have 12 golf balls and 11 of them are the exact same weight, but one of them is either a little heavier or a little lighter. You only have three attempts to weigh the balls. How can you determine which ball weighs more/less than the rest?
Penny Nom lui répond.
Selecting balls from a golf bag 2004-02-21
A student pose la question :
There are 5 white and 5 yellow balls in a golf bag. Two are selected randomly, and simultaneously. What is the probability that the first one or the second one will be white?
Penny Nom lui répond.
Manufactures golf balls 2001-11-06
Kevin pose la question :
A company manufactures golf balls. Golf balls are each numbered consecutively 0 to 4, and then the numbering starts over with zero again. Every 12th golf ball is yellow. Every 8th golf ball is tested for defects. The company produces 120,000 golf balls in an eight-hour shift.

A. How many yellow golf balls are tested for defects during the day? Explain your reasoning.

B. How many of these yellow balls that are tested are imprinted with the numeral 2? Explain your reasoning.

Penny Nom lui répond.
Buckets of golf balls 2001-02-08
A student pose la question :
A bucket containing 40 golf balls weighs 135 ounces. The same bucket with 20 golf balls weighs 75 ounces. What is the weight of the bucket?
Claude Tardif lui répond.



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