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Golf for 17 2013-01-23
Richard pose la question :
I have looked through the examples on your site but can't find one that suits. I am fiddling with one to see if I can get a result; but not confident. I have 17 players playing 6 rounds in 3 groups of 4 and 1 group of 5. Two players will not be included in any 5 ball group. Can you help me please.
Victoria West lui répond.
Golf for 17 2012-03-29
Richard pose la question :
Hi Guys,
I have a scheduling problem which I don't think you have covered before.
Apologies if you have!
I have 17 golfers due to play 4 rounds of golf.
Each round will consist of 3 threeballs and 2 fourballs (ie. 17 golfers in 5 groups)!
Is it possible to come up with a schedule where each golfer plays
with different partners in each round?

Robert Dawson lui répond.



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