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A dog tethered to a round building 2009-09-28
mido pose la question :
One dog was linked to the outer wall of a building round of 20 meters in diameter. If the length of chain linking the dog sufficient turnover of half the distance around the building, What area can guard dog?
Harley Weston lui répond.
A two goat problem 2009-04-27
Michael pose la question :
if you have a goat tied to a pole at one corner of a square paddock with one length of a side being 24m. what length must the rope be for the goat tied up to graze half the paddock? and if another goat is placed on the opposite corner and same length what is the amount of area they share grazing ?
Stephen La Rocque and Penny Nom lui répond.
A goat problem 2000-03-10
Nancy pose la question :
A farmer has a fenced-in, circular field with an area of about one acre. A goat in the field is tethered to one of the fence posts with a rope which gives the goat approximately one-half acre of grazing area. To the nearest foot, how long is the rope?
Chris Fisher lui répond.



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