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An octagon garbage storage bin 2010-03-02
sharon pose la question :
I am trying to make a octagon garbage storage bin and i need to know the measurement of the outer and iner sides i can't get them to fit together what am i doing wrong
Penny Nom lui répond.
The volume of a garbage bag 2009-09-28
Steve pose la question :
I have often wondered how a garbage bags is determined in gallons - many different manufactures of these type bags often have different sizes stating they are a (for example) a 55 gallon bag - also I see some that show a range (20-30 gallon) yet is a specific size (16 x 14 x39 or a 30 x 36) I have searched and search but have been unable to find a formula
Robert Dawson lui répond.
A football field covered in garbage 2008-10-17
AMie pose la question :
a small city produces 500,000 cubic ft of garbage per week. If all of this garbage were stacked neatly (in a nice vertical pile) on a 100-yard by 60-yard football field, how high would the pile be (in feet)?
Penny Nom lui répond.



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