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The area and volume of a wedge 2019-11-30
Jasmine pose la question :
what is the volume and surface area of a wedge with definition
Penny Nom lui répond.
Can you construct a regular 21-gon? 2016-03-08
Peter pose la question :
hi, i know that if i use a compass to draw a circle, i can use the same setting to mark 6 intervals along the circle circumference, how would i go about marking out 21 equally spaced points around the circumference?

if there an online calculator i can us, or some other interesting trick?



Robert Dawson lui répond.
The volume of a wedge 2014-05-21
steve pose la question :
I need to figure the volume of a wedge / right triangle, the dimensions of the right triangle is L1(10'-5"), L2 (10'-6"), H (14'-9.5") height of L1 is 0'-0" height at intersect L2/H is 3'-3"
Penny Nom lui répond.
How many edges does cone have? 2013-01-28
Meriem pose la question :
how many edges does cone have pls?
Lorraine Dame, Chris Fisher and Walter Whiteley lui répond.
The volume of a wedge 2012-05-28
olwethu pose la question :
volume of wedge that have side 3,3 cm and 6,2 cm and 20 cm long?
Penny Nom lui répond.
6 faces and 8 corners 2011-03-04
noemi pose la question :
jeff made a figure with 6 faces the figure has 8 corners all of the faces are the same size and shape what figure did jeff make
Penny Nom lui répond.
Vertices and sides of a polygon 2011-03-04
RINA pose la question :
My questions is : would a vertices and sides of a polygon be the same number.  For example, a octagon it has 8 points and 8 sides. Am i correct?
Robert Dawson lui répond.
The area of a field of view 2010-04-07
Frank pose la question :
I know we have a field of view of 90 degrees and the distance we can cover is 6 miles. What is the area we can cover/view?
A formula would be nice to have since the diameter or distance of the wedge area can change and the degree of the field of view can also change.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Penny Nom lui répond.
A triangular pyramid 2010-01-05
ally pose la question :
how many vertices, edges, faces in a triangular pyramid?
Robert Dawson lui répond.
How high is the ledge? 2009-10-03
gabby pose la question :
Standing on a ledge, there is a boat 25 degrees below you. The boat has a 1,000ft. tower. If the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 15 degrees, how high is the ledge?
Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
A simple digraph 2009-03-23
Shabkhal pose la question :
Show that the sum of in degrees of all the nodes of a simple digraph is equal to the sum of out degrees of all its nodes and this sum is equal to the number of edges of the graph.
Victoria West lui répond.
A triangular pyramid 2009-02-26
Craig pose la question :
Can you help with this question:
Write the names of the faces and the number of each kind of face on a triangular pyramid?

Penny Nom lui répond.
Vertices, edges and faces 2009-02-19
Deb pose la question :
I have been reading the responses you have to whether or not a cone and cylinder have edges, and whether a cone has a vertex. I have also found differing answers in different books and websites. Your idea that it depends why we want to call it a vertex or edge is interesting but does not help the students next year when they have a different teacher who tells them that whatever decision I make is wrong! It also doesn't help them when they do the provincial testing. Does anyone know if EQAO considers them vertices or edges? I want to know because textbooks and provincial tests often ask the students to count the number of faces, edges, and vertices or to describe a solid by using these, or to identify a solid that they have described. We need to have consistency in what we are teaching!
Chris Fisher lui répond.
Faces, edges and vertices 2009-02-04
sheila pose la question :
what is the relationship between the number of faces and the number of edges of a triangular pyramid ?
Penny Nom lui répond.
The volume of a slice from a wedge 2008-10-16
Jeff pose la question :
If I have a wedge shaped object (ie, a triangle of non-specific type extruded along a length) and it is sliced from the two-corner base at one end to the one-point tip at the other, what is the volume of the upper (smaller) part as a percentage of the whole? I hope I have explained it clearly enough. Thanks.
Harley Weston lui répond.
Does an oval have sides? 2008-10-02
reid pose la question :
My 6 yo neice came home with her math homework and she was supposed to identify which objects had sides.One of the objects was an oval.I don't believe it has sides because it is curved and I don't think that would make it an object with sides.What would be the correct answer?Thanks,Reid
Janice Cotcher lui répond.
Angles in a regular tetrahedron 2008-08-07
Carla pose la question :
Hi guys, A regular tetrahedron has all its edges 8cm in length. Find the angles which an edge makes with the base. Thanks. Carla
Penny Nom lui répond.
Finding Angles in a Pyramid 2008-07-30
Carla pose la question :
A pyramid has its vertex directly above the centre of its square base. The edges of the base are each 8cm, and the vertical height is 10cm. Find the angle between the slant face and the base, and the angle between the slant edge and the base.
Janice Cotcher lui répond.
A shape 2008-04-03
Joshua pose la question :
what shape has 4 faces, 4 corners and 9 edges.
Penny Nom lui répond.
Some solid figures 2008-02-28
tiffany pose la question :
What solid figure could have? It has 4 more edges than vertices,
Penny Nom lui répond.
Dividing a segment into 3 congruent parts 2007-10-30
Carolyn pose la question :
I am doing construction. I have a line segment drawn. I need to divide a segment into 3 congruent part. How do I do that?
Penny Nom lui répond.
A triangular pyramid 2007-07-22
shani pose la question :
my homework question is confusing (yr 7 beginner) "How many vertices does a triangular pyramid have." (Mum thinks all triangles are triangular& vertices are sides) I want to be sure.
Penny Nom lui répond.
Hexagonal pyramids 2007-05-17
Tracey pose la question :
How many faces, edges, and vertices does a hexagonal pyramid have?
Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
What's a vertex? What's an edge? 2007-05-16
Sophie pose la question :
I don't understand what is a vertex and what is an edge. Please put a picture up and explain. I am a fifth grader.
Brennan Yaremko and Steve La Rocque lui répond.
Volume of a wedge 2007-05-14
Mark pose la question :
We need to fill in dirt along a 75 foot long fence, 3 feet out , statring at 6 inches agaisnt the fence, sloping to 2 inches at the grass. I am trying to calculate the volume to order enough cubic yards of dirt to fill this.
Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
Vertices, edges and faces 2007-04-19
Kimberly pose la question :
I am trying to help my son find the vertices, edge, and face of a 16 sided figure. I am not sure of the process to use to find these, could you please tell me how to do this?
Penny Nom lui répond.
Which solid figure has 4 more edges than vertices? 2007-03-22
dawn pose la question :
which solid figure has 4 more edges than vertices?
Penny Nom lui répond.
What constitutes a face for a geometric solid? 2007-02-14
Erica pose la question :
What constitutes a face for a geometric solid? We have been getting conflicting answers from different textbooks. Some teachers are saying that cylinders and cones do not have faces. I'm thinking that cylinders have 2 and cones have 1. Please enlighten me. Thanks!
Walter Whiteley lui répond.
A cylinder has how many flat surfaces, vertices, and edges? 2007-01-09
Stacy pose la question :
A cylinder has how many flat surfaces, vertices, and edges?
Diane Hanson and Penny Nom lui répond.
Octagonal Stop Sign 2006-10-23
Phil pose la question :
My colleagues and I are in a discussion about how many true "sides" an octagonal stop sign has. I say that it has 10 true sides because of the front back sides of a stop sign (3D octagon). Is this correct terminology or should the front and back "sides" be referred to as faces -- equaling 2?
Paul Betts, Steve La Rocque and Harley Weston lui répond.
Constructing figures 2005-09-20
Kim pose la question :
I would like to know how to draw different shapes:
Regular Octagon with sides of length, 1 unit
Equilateral Triangles, with sides of length 1 unit
Regular Hexagons, with sides of length 1 unit
Isoseles Triangles, with hypotenuse of length 1 unit

Penny Nom lui répond.
A 3-dimensional pie shape 2005-09-17
Bill pose la question :
Your site appeared in my search for the name of a 3-dimensional pie shape. 2-d would be a sector of a circle. As it it curved, I don't believe it is in a the polyhedra family. Can you help me find the mathematical term for it?
Chris Fisher lui répond.
A pyramid 2004-05-11
Quiana pose la question :
I am a student and I have the following questions I need to answer for homework:
How many sides, vertices, and edges does a pyramid have?

Penny Nom lui répond.
Some shapes 2003-04-29
Suzanne pose la question :
  1. What shape has 12 edges all the same length?

  2. What shape has 3 surfaces and 1 is curved?

Penny Nom lui répond.
8 faces, 12 vertices, and 18 edges 2003-04-22
Thomas pose la question :
I would like to know the proper name for this geometrical solid. It has 8 faces, 12 vertices, and 18 edges?
Penny Nom lui répond.
Construct a pentagon 2002-12-12
Mary pose la question :
We were wondering what the instructions/formula, step-by-step, is to make a pentagon.
Chris Fisher and Penny Nom lui répond.
Constructing the square root of 3 2002-06-07
Allan pose la question :
I am a Math 7/8 teacher. I was wondering how you would show a student how to find the exact location of the square root of three on the number line using just a compass and a straight edge.
Penny Nom lui répond.
Logico mathematical knowledge 2002-01-23
A teacher pose la question :
How does young children's logico mathematical knowledge develop?
Walter Whitely lui répond.
Euler's Formula 2000-11-11
Denise Roberts pose la question :
I'm trying to design a unit (possibly involving a Webquest) on Polyhedra and I cannot find a formula I once used. The formula involved the number of vertices (V), edges (E), and faces (F) of the polyhedra.
Walter Whiteley lui répond.



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