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Cubic feet and gallons 2007-11-19
Leonard pose la question :
Every conversion I find to convert a cubic foot to a gallon is in liquid. Question, how would 1 cubic foot convert to gallons in dry measurement? Example say you have 1 Gallon of packing peanuts how many cubic feet would that be? I can do this and have done it for the heck of it, I took a box 12x12x12 inches, which is a cubic foot, filled it with packing peanuts the tried to fill a 1 Gallon container, that amount almost fills a 1 gallon bucket twice. I even ask a math teacher and was told that 1 cubic foot equaled 7.481 gallons, then I said that is liquid, teacher ansered yes, then i ask what about dry and got a response of I do not know.
Harley Weston lui répond.
The capacity of a dryer 2005-02-23
Darlene pose la question :
I am trying to figure out the capacity of my dryer. I need to know the size in order to buy a new one. The drum within measures 27" in diameter and 18" deep. I know that I am looking for an answer in cubic feet but am not sure how to determine this.
Penny Nom lui répond.
How to dry matches 2004-09-06
Liz pose la question :
The neighbors of a young man who needed seclusion for a few days offered him the keys to their cabin in Maine. Arriving there on a damp and cold autumn evening he saw that while the cabin had normal running water and electric lights, for heat it had only a pot-bellied stove. Fortunately, there was plenty of wood, kindling, newspaper, and matches. Being an experienced hand at making a fire, he opened the damper, put into the stove crumpled newspaper, and properly stacked the kindling and logs. The matches, however, wouldn't light. They were too damp from the humidty. The nearest town was 30 miles away, and, anyway, it was late. What next?
Claude Tardif lui répond.



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