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Building a pyramid 2000-02-26
Francis X. Hines Jr. pose la question :
I am presently trying to build a pyramid. I can understand that the base has 90 degree angles on the first plane which is the outline of the square that makes up the floor.

As close as I can figure the slope of each wall face is 35 degrees or 35.7 to be exact if I am correct by using 360 as the total of the three interior angles.Now , I run into a compound angle where the corners meet what would be the angle created by the two 35 degree angles that would allow for the 90 degree edge to continue.

Because I'm working in three dimensions I also need to be sure that my math would be correct when I substract 35 from 90 to aquire the angle of the narrow edge as to allow for a 90 degree surface to be present ..to allow for another level to be added with only the base line being shortened. I hope you can understand what it is that I'm asking assistance with.I would greatly appericate your help.

Chris Fisher lui répond.



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