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Strings of characters 2015-12-28
Ali pose la question :
If I have an app and offer a two, three and four digits name and it can be only number, letters or both?
I want to know how many options will I have for each?
For example
the two digits: aa, 11, a1 or 1a
the three digits: 111, a2a, 222
the four digits: 1111, 2ge3 or 1234
So if I used all the letters and all the numbers but nothing starts with a zero How can I calculate them separately? Or what's the result for each?
Thank you

Penny Nom lui répond.
Two characters 2006-09-12
Robert pose la question :
I am looking to find out how many possible unique combinations I can have if at any time i can use only two characters of numbers or the alphabet...For ex., i can have 1-99 or i can have a1, a2, z1, z2 ... or i can have aa, ab, ac... i came up with possible combinations of 1295 or so... can you help?
Penny lui répond.
A 6 character field 2001-05-16
A parent pose la question :
I have a 6 character field that can use any combination of alpha-numeric characters (A-Z, 0-9). How many total combinations are possible?
Penny Nom lui répond.



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