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Calendar arithmetic 2016-02-14
Jenalee pose la question :
January 1, 2001 is Julian Day 2 451 911 (the number of days that have passed since Day 0, January 1, 4713 BC).

If Julian Day 0 was a Monday, what day of the week was January 1, 2001?

Victoria West lui répond.
On what day of the week did 1994 begin? 2015-04-05
tayyaba pose la question :
there were 365 days in the year 1993 the first day of the year was friday. on what day of the week did 1994 begin?
Penny Nom lui répond.
Your birthdays until your one hundredth 2006-09-09
Alan pose la question :
which of your birthdays until your one hundredth, fall on the same day of the week as the day you were born?
Chris Fisher lui répond.
The day of the week 2006-03-19
Neil pose la question :

A friend of mine has an excellent memory for dates and events that occurred on that date, but his party piece is the ability to tell you the day of the week that fell of any given date. This talent is all the more extraordinary because the answer comes back in less than 2 seconds (often under 1 second). By his own admission he is no mathematician.

Now his memory and knowledge are without question, but I challenged him that because of its diversity this party piece could not be based upon memory, but on mathematics. I believe that with the correct mathematical approach and the use of a common algorithm, anyone with a basic mathematical mind can do this in their head.

Chris Fisher lui répond.
A 3 by 3 block on a calendar 2006-01-18
A student pose la question :
Choose two different blocks of nine numbers arranged 3 across and 3 down on a calendar, and check that this rule holds: For any block of nine numbers the average of the four corner numbers is equal to the middle number. Show your work and explain why the rule works.
Penny Nom lui répond.
When will the calendar be the same as 2002? 2002-02-20
John pose la question :
When will the calendar be the same as 2002? I know the answer is 2013, but I don't know how to answer this mathematically, or if it is possible to do so. This is a ninth grade level algebra question my daughter received from her teacher. Any ideas?
Chris Fisher, Patrick Maidorn and Penny Nom lui répond.
Theme day 2001-10-14
A teacher pose la question :
I woulld like a math theme for a theme day in a high school, grades 9-12. Our last theme was fractal fest.
Penny Nom and Claude Tardif lui répond.
The astronomers' calendar 2000-11-29
Show_Li pose la question :
The calendar that astronomers use began on Jan. 1, 4713 B.C. on that day, the julian calendar, the lunar calendar, and roman tax system calendar all coincided. This won't happen again until 3267 A.D.
(a). How many years ago was the astronomer's calendar started?
(b). Find the number of years between times that the three calendars coincided.

Penny Nom lui répond.
Leap Year 2000-09-20
Jennifer pose la question :
The earth revolves around the sun in 365.24 days. How does our calendar deals with the extra 0.24 day?
Penny Nom lui répond.



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