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Hexagonal pyramid bevel angles 2016-09-30
Peter pose la question :
I have seen your response to a similar question from Steve which Chris and Harley responded to, however I am not familiar with some of the terms. Is there a formula that I can enter my details in which will give me the specific angles I require. The item I am constructing is much larger than the one you responded to previously. Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide.
Penny Nom lui répond.
0.999 ^ (500) 2010-03-07
debra pose la question :
I just need to know how to solve the following problem without using a calculator: .999 ^ (500). I know the answer is .606, I just want to do it by hand since I can't use a calculator on my test.
Penny Nom and Claude Tardif lui répond.
1-(1-P)^75=0.05 2008-04-05
Amy pose la question :
Stephen La Rocque and Penny Nom lui répond.
Repeating decimals 2008-03-10
Blaine pose la question :
Is it possible to put a repeating decimal number into a calculator to solve a problem?

EX: Write 39.3939... as a fraction.

Penny Nom lui répond.
The volume of a countertop 2008-03-08
Matthew pose la question :
I need to calculate volume down to cubic feet. I pour concrete countertops and cant figure out the formula to convert inches and feet. If I have a 2.5 inch by 2 foot by 16 foot concrete countertop how do I convert it to cubic feet and hence know how many bags of concrete at .6 cubic feet per bag I will need. I am trying to input the formula into a spreadsheet. thank you so much Matt
Penny Nom lui répond.
Calculating the area (acreage) of a four sided lot 2007-07-18
A property owner pose la question :
I have a real estate property and the lot size is something I need to find out. I know the lengths of the four sides, but it isn't a rectangle, it is an odd shape. How do I find the acreage?
Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
Exponential form: x^y 2007-06-22
Kishor pose la question :
whats the easy way to calculate X raised to Y where y is much greater than x.
Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
Weight per area conversions 2007-05-13
Dermot pose la question :
A lawn weedkiller to be spread at the rate of 35g per Sq meter. My new spreader is calibrated in lbs per 1000 sq ft !!!!
Penny Nom and Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
Calculating volume of concrete, dirt, sand, anything. 2006-11-17
Debbie pose la question :
[This article contains a special calculator to help you find the volume (for example, the cubic yards) of material required to fill (or empty) a space if you know the length, width and depth.]
We are wanting to pour a 24'x30' slab that is 5" deep. How many cubic yards of cement do we need?

Penny Nom lui répond.
7,473,000,000 divided by 52000 2003-09-06
A student pose la question :
I am having trouble with a question. 7,473,000,000 divided by 52000. Our calculater gets 147311.5385. I come up with 143711.53846, and then the number starts to repeat itself
Penny Nom lui répond.
Cube roots on a calculator 2001-03-24
Will pose la question :
Hi my name is Will.I have a question about the calculator TI-83 Plus or the use of a scientific calculator. It is about using them to turn a cubed root to a decimal. When using that for a rational and irrational number. Rational numbers is a number that terminates or repeates. A irrational number goes on and on and uses ... (like pie). Like when you type the cube root of 8 it gives you 2, and that is a rational number. The squre root of 2 is 1.41421356... that is irrational. So why is it when you put the cube root of 16 in the calculator it says 2.5198421 that is rational it terminates at the ninth digit and my float is set for the tenth? But why when you do it by hand you get the 2 times the cube root of 2 and that is irrational? Why is that?
Judi McDonald lui répond.
Calculator and telephones keypads phones 2000-06-27
Thomas Smith and Veronica Yates-Riley pose la question :
On a keyboard, why is the number "7" on the top of the keypad as opposed to the number "1" at the top a telephone keypad?
Penny Nom lui répond.
Using the inverse sine function 2000-05-31
Nelson Rothermel pose la question :
This has me completely baffled. I have to use the laws of sine or cosine to find the angles of a triangle when I have 3 sides, so I can't go 180-x-y when I have 2 angles. Now, I have a triangle with values of 3, 7, and 9. Here are the steps I used (A,B,C are angles; a,b,c are opposite sides):

angle A (16.1951 degrees): cos-1*((b2+c2-a2)/(2*b*c))
angle B (40.6011 degrees): sin-1*(b*sin(A)/a)
angle C (56.7962 degrees): sin-1*(c*sin(A)/a)

If you notice, A+B+C does not equal 180. According to the book, A and B are correct, but C is supposed to be 123.2038 degrees. Why doesn't it work???

Harley Weston lui répond.
A matrix equation 2000-05-14
A student pose la question :
Right now, we are dealing with matrices and we are supposed to solve the following problem on our graphing-calculators: 2a+3b-4c+d=20

Penny Nom lui répond.
Trig functions 2000-05-09
Melissa pose la question :
Find all solutions in the interval (0,2pi)

Paul Betts and Harley Weston lui répond.
How many coins is one calculator? 2000-01-09
Mandy Brockmann pose la question :
Tom weighed 1 pen and his calculator with 4 coins. Then he weighed his calculator and 3 pens with 12 coins. How many coins is one calculator?
Claude Tardif lui répond.
Cos x = -1/2 1999-12-01
Pierre Boivin pose la question :
When I factor[ 2cos (square) - 5cos -3], I get (2cos + 1)(cos - 3). 2cos + 1 = 0, 2cos = -1, cos = -0.5,. Using inv cos on calculator, I get 120 degree related angle.

When I graph I get two values, between 90 and 180 degree and between 180 and 270 degrees. How do I find those two values. How do use 120 degree in relation with the x axis.
Penny Nom lui répond.

Human Calculator 1998-09-14
Pam Sloan pose la question :
I recently saw a special on NBC Dateline about a man known as the human calculator. They called him Mr. Math. I want to know more about his books, seminars, and activities. Also, what is his real name?
Patrick Maidorn lui répond.



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