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Number of bricks needed 2015-12-30
trudy pose la question :
if I have 250 sq ft of space that I want to fill with bricks that measure 7.5 in by 11.5 in how many bricks do I need to fill the 250 sq ft.
Penny Nom lui répond.
How many bricks I can place around a 26-inch circle? 2008-05-22
Jon pose la question :
I want to know how many bricks I can place around a 26-inch circle? There must be a formula other than trial and error. The length of the bricks is 6-inches. [How many 6-inch tangents can be in a 26-inch circle? Thank you very much. Jon
Harley Weston lui répond.
If you pile the 4 bricks on top of each other ... 2006-03-27
Mike pose la question :
You have 4 bricks each with dimensions of 4" X 5" X 9". If you pile the 4 bricks on top of each other to form a tower how many different tower heights can be achieved? All four bricks must be used in each tower.
Claude Tardif lui répond.
Laying decorative bricks 2004-01-07
Duk pose la question :
Loren is laying decorative brick along both edges of the 21-meter walkway up to his house. Each brick is 0.26 meters long. He is placing the bricks end to end. How many bricks does he need to do the job?
Penny Nom lui répond.
Toy bricks 2001-05-13
Sarah pose la question :
A regular-sized brick weighs 4 kilograms. How much will a similar toy brick, made of the same material, but all of the same dimensions of which are four times smaller, weigh?

The 300-metre tall Eiffel tower is made of steel and weighs 8 000 000 kg. An exact replica, made of the same material, weighs 1 kg. How high is the replica

Penny Nom lui répond.



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