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Where is the other $1? 2001-06-05
Samantha pose la question :
3 people go to a motel. The room is $30. They split it $10 each. While in the room the Mgr. tells the clerk the room was only $25, so he gives her $5 to take back to the 3 people. On the way she cant decide how to split the $5 between the three people so she puts $2 in her pocket and gives them $1 each.....Therefore, the room now only cost the three people $9 each, which is $27 plus the $2 the clerk pocketed,making a total of $29.....Where is the other $1?
Leeanne Boehm lui répond.
The Bellhop Problem 1999-08-29
Gerard O'Neill pose la question :
Three fellows going to a Math Conference book into a motel. "That will be $30.00" says the bellhop. Each fellow gives $10.00 and they go off to their room. The manager enters and says "That was a $25.00 room. Go and give them $5.00 back."
The bellhop heads off but thinks....."how am I going to split $5.00 between 3 fellows? Hey I will keep two dollars and give each guy a dollar." He does just that.......each fellow now paid $9.00 and the bellhop kept two. 3 X 9= 27 plus the bellhops two = $29.00 Where is the missing dollar?

Harley Weston lui répond.



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