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An aeroplane flying in a wind 2009-06-02
Maria pose la question :
The aeroplane flies in a wind of speed 50 kph from the direction S80◦W. However, the direction in which it is pointed, and its speed in still air, are such that its resultant speed and direction are 800 kph, and direction N71.6◦E

I need to find the size of the angle between v and vw, in degrees to one decimal place, and find the speed at which the aeroplane would fly if the air were still, to the nearest kph.

It would help me greatly if I could see a diagram illustrating the velocity va that the aeroplane would have if the air were still, the velocity vw of the wind, and the resultant velocity v of the aeroplane (diagram should be in the form of a triangle illustrating how one velocity vector is the sum of the other two)


Harley Weston lui répond.
Flying with and against the wind 2006-07-06
Tim pose la question :
When a plane flies with the wind, it travels 800 miles in 4 hours. Against the wind it takes 5 hours to cover the same distance. Find the rate of the plane in still air and the rate of the wind.
Stephen La Rocque lui répond.
How many passengers boarded the plane in Phoenix? 2005-11-03
Vish pose la question :
Passengers boarded a plane in Phoenix. In Dallas 1/2 of the passengers got off and 4/5 of the original number got on. In Memphis 3/4 of the passengers got off and twice the number of remaining passengers got on. In Chicago 2/3 of the passengers got off the plane leaving 39 passengers. How many passengers originally boarded the plane in Phoenix?
Penny Nom lui répond.
An aircraft is flying directly from airport A to airport B 2004-10-22
A student pose la question :
In this question, i is a unit vector due east and j is a unit vector due north. An aircraft is flying directly from airport A to airport B, which is 2000 km from A. The velocity in still air of the aircraft is (150i+50j)km/h and the ground speed is (200i-30j)km/h. Calculate

(i) the time of flight, to the nearest min
(ii) the direction of the wind.

Penny Nom lui répond.



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